I pinpoint the beginning of my professional journey on the two-year service mission I served for my church in Costa Rica 14 years ago. The passion for teaching and serving others toward improvement and growth began then and has continued to influence me for over a decade in my professional pursuits. In the past 14 years I have taught, been taught, and worked alongside people spanning two countries, two languages, and four U.S. states. Most recently, I commenced pursuit of a doctoral degree in Instructional Systems Technology (IST) at Indiana University in August 2011. In the IST program my scholarly interest has centered on instruction and learning for performance improvement occurring in organizational settings.

The purpose of this doctoral dossier is to establish my development as a doctoral student. I begin by articulating my candidate statement.  I then illustrate progress by highlighting the activities in which I have been and am currently engaged with respect to academic research, teaching, and service.